Living Small


 I thought I’d begin the Living Small Series by telling our story.
Some of you may already know it.
So skim on through πŸ™‚
But for those of you who are new readers here it is…
My husband Travis and I were married almost seven years ago.
Our first home was a little one bedroom apartment.
We lived there for about half a year and then purchased our first home together.
It was a darling little two bedroom cottage that felt HUGE to us after being in our apartment!
Shortly after we purchased the home we found out we were pregnant with our first little one.
Over time we added two more littles to the mix.
Right after our third was born we moved to a town about an hour and a half away.
Before we moved we had put our house on the market to sell.
We were so discouraged because it wasn’t selling in the time line that we needed.
The Lord was so good and provided a renter so we took it off the market.
And not only did He provide a renter… 
but He provided a woman who wanted to invest money into fixing up our home while renting.
Seriously…it was like a dream πŸ™‚
She ended up moving out right at the time my younger sister needed a place.
My sister then began renting our home from us.
Fast forward a bit…
the Lord then opened a door for us to move back to the city.
And the move was going to be quick.
We had a few weeks to pack up and move.
My sister was so sweet and found an apartment so that we could move back into 
our little cottage we were renting out.
So that’s how we ended up in a tiny two bedroom home with four children!
Now that you know our story I’m excited to share my heart about it all.
I truly believe that when the Lord moved us to a small country town 
two years ago He did so simply to change my heart.
We lived in the city and keeping up with the Jones’s was the name of the game.
Slowly over time I began to get sucked into that mind set.
Bigger homes…more stuff.
When we moved to the sweet little town it was all stripped away.
We moved to a home out in the middle of the woods where cell reception 
was spotty and internet was limited.
The Lord most definitely used that time to strip me of all of that.
All that to say.
My mindset about things has drastically changed.
“Less is best” is my new motto.
With four little ones I don’t have the time or energy to clean up a large home.
I can have my 1100 sq ft home whipped into shape in around 30 minutes.
One of my other favorite things about living in a smaller home with little ones 
is that I know where they are at at ALL times.
That cuts down considerably into the kind of trouble they can get into!
We’ve had quite a few people ask how long we plan to live in our little home.
Our goal is to live in it as long as we can make it work comfortably.
Our home is super small which means the mortgage is pretty small.
The more money we can save while living here the better!
We want to live small so that we are able to have money to save for our kids as well as money to give.
I always laugh when people ask if I ever feel like we’re always in each others space.
My little ones are ALWAYS in my space:)
I think it goes with the territory of having little ones.
I don’t remember what it’s like to be alone! πŸ™‚
We move in a little pod around the house.
My kids love being around me and vice-versa.
We have lived in a bigger home and we honestly didn’t use half of it.
Simply because my kids liked to be wherever I was.
This week I’m excited to share some posts on how we make it work.
How we share bedrooms and storage ideas.
And also a few tutorials!
If you have any questions leave them in the comments.
At the end of the week I’ll compile them all in a blog post!
Hope your weekend was a good one!

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  1. I adore your standpoint and tackle living little, my spouse and I are additionally living with two minimal ones who are a touch more established in a little two room townhouse in the ideal side of town with great educational systems and such, however we regularly have sentiments of blame, similar to would we say we are giving them the space they have to thrive? Be that as it may, then I understand how close we are as a family, and I think on the off chance that we had more space, we won't not be as affectionate as we may be. It is hard in a world that judges and thinks greater is better, and you are a jewel to stand up and battle for it for you and your family, as well as others also! Much obliged to you for being empowering and doing it in such inventive ways!

  2. My husband & I are looking into getting a small house one day. You're absolutely right, less IS best! It's a very humbling way to live & I couldn't think of a better way πŸ™‚

  3. really joyful story
    I LOVE the new blog plan! And…i can hardly wait to peruse all the more about your little cabin. It sounds grand! We originated from a little house, to our new house, and to the extent that I love my new house, I super cherished that little house. I preferred being close and being in every others space. Be that as it may, this house has a yard and protection so I do LOVE that as well! I'm happy you're bungalow is ideal for y'all! Can hardly wait to peruse more

  4. We want to live small so that we are able to have money to save for our kids as well as money to give. well i can live in happiness in small house. thanks for this inspirative blog.

  5. You said something true about not living in half of a big house. Living small doesn't mean living "small". It means living big and more aware. Your post just confirmed this truth. I know that more and more people discover to live like that and they love it.

  6. First time visitor here… and I'm *thrilled* to find your blog. I currently only have one little – but would love to have 4 one day, Lord willing. Our place is currently 720sqft, with an unfinished basement to grow (& double) the square footage. But I intend to stay here for a looooong time, again Lord willing, and make it work with multiple kiddoes. Looking forward to this series!

  7. I just found your blog today and I too am so excited to read and see more! I love what you've done with your space and its so true that being successful at anything is all about attitude. I've really had to adjust mine lately. We are a family of four, two little boys, in a two bedroom place. We have another boy on the way, and immediately we were ready to get out of here into something bigger. Then reality set in and the fact that it makes sense in so many ways to stay where we are, at least for now. Now that the attitude is on board, I need to declutter and dejunk

  8. I am so looking forward to this series! We are a family of 7, living in about 1400 square feet. We are always in each others space. There is no escape. lol
    we have 3 boys in one room, our oldest is a girl and she has her own room for now. However, our youngest is also a girl and she has been rooming with my husband and I but will soon be moving into the room with our oldest. That leaves me feeling guilty most of the time because my oldest is 11 and youngest is 2 1/2. Its hard to share a room with that big of an age difference.
    I would also love to hear more about (if you would feel comfortable sharing) how the Lord worked on your heart and you were able to get out of the 'keeping up with the Jones' mindset.
    Most of the time I do well with that and I try to keep my distance from that stuff. However, sometimes I get comments about the size of our space and family size and it leaves me feeling guilty. Then I have the thoughts of if we had a bigger space, or we need this or that…..vicious cycle!
    Thanks for this series!

  9. I'm SO excited for this series!! We try so hard to stay away from the "keeping up with the Jones" mind but sometimes it's so hard – more for me then my husband. HOW do you do that. How do you know that you can afford more but still keep it to less? We live in a 1400 sq ft house – just my husband, I and our little miss and it's plenty big for us. In fact, we only use half if not less yet I get caught up in the wanting more πŸ™

    Let me hear your ways lovely lady πŸ™‚

  10. I'm super excited about this! We live in a three bedroom house that is just under 930 sq ft. As I'm sure you either know or expect, our bedrooms are tiny. I'm trying to get out of the "bigger is better" mindset and turn this little house into our dream palace. We only have 1 1/2 kids at the moment (expecting the 2nd in Dec), but I plan to have around four and wonder how I'm going to make it work if we are still living in this house in ten years.

    We've been here for two years and I've always have this transitory attitude toward the house and neighborhood. We do however have a great yard and built a HUGE shed this summer which has significantly simplified my life.

    I'm really excited. Thanks for taking the time to put this series together.

  11. Ashley, I love this and I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing the ways you make it work for your family! I've been admiring this decision you guys made since I first heard about it. πŸ™‚ We have a 3 bedroom home and 3 kids so the boys are going to share eventually. When Abe was born we fixed up the sitting area in our room as Abe's Corner. πŸ˜‰

  12. I cannot wait to read along with this series this week. This is the encouragement I have been needing! We are a family of 4 in a teeny tiny 2 bedroom townhouse. We want more kids but don't have the money to upgrade to anything bigger any time soon. I'm looking forward to hearing all your tips for making it work!

  13. I LOVE the new blog design! AND…I can't wait to read more about your little cottage. It sounds heavenly! We came from a little house, to our new house, and as much as I love my new house, I really really really loved that little house. I liked being close and being in each others space. However, this house has a yard and privacy so I do LOVE that too! I'm glad you're cottage is perfect for y'all! Can't wait to read more! xoxoxo

  14. I love your outlook and take on living small, my husband and I are also living with two little ones who are a bit older in a small two bedroom townhouse in the perfect side of town with good school systems and such, but we often have feelings of guilt, like are we giving them the space they need to flourish? But then I realize how close we are as a family, and I think if we had more space, we might not be as close knit as we are. It is hard in a world that judges and thinks bigger is better, and you are a gem to stand up and fight for it not just for you and your family, but others as well! Thank you for being encouraging and doing it in such creative ways!

  15. My husband joining the military has really taught us that less is best, also. We never really know what kind of house we'll get when we move or what kind of storage we'll have, so we try to purge a lot so we don't end up moving boxes of 'junk' that we really don't need. I find my children are actually much happier with a few of their favorite toys rather than an overwhelming amount of toys. I want them to grow up to be content and not have a 'gimme, gimme, gimme' attitude πŸ™‚ I love the idea behind this series and can't wait to see the tutorials!

  16. It's a relief to hear I am not alone in living in a small space with a family. We are a family of 5 living in less than 750 sq ft. My husband wants to buy the home we are renting, I am very reluctant and would love a bigger place but have finally let go and agreed to do what my husband thinks is best. I know soon enough I'll want another little one so I look forward to your tips!

  17. I'm so excited to read more about living in a small space, Ashley. We feel like our space is small at 1,600 sq. ft. but you truly live in a small space. We've really loved adding our kids to the mix because it has forced us to get rid of the things we do not really need and carefully consider when we make purchases. Our motto has been to live simply.

  18. I feel like you are writing this for me. We are a family of 5 living in 1056 sq ft and surprise! I just found out I'm pregnant with #4. We also just found out that because of the market, we would have to pay someone about $15k to take our house which is not an option so we were probably stay here. I think my main concern now and for the future is giving my children room to spread out and play, make a mess without the rest of us going crazy, etc. My oldest 2 are boys and I feel like they literally bounce off the walls with having to share a room and not having a playroom. I'd love to hear how you manage that.
    Can't wait to read more!

    Dana at Happy Little Lovelies

  19. I'm looking forward to reading this series. We're living in a small two bed apartment with two kiddos and while I'm keen to make it work for us, my husband just thinks we need to move. But moving will probably mean a not so nice area and a house that needs work, whereas here is just perfect. We'll see I guess. But I'm interested to see how you make your space work for you and yours. x

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