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+You can find the Introduction to the Living Small Series Here+
+Kids Shared Bedroom Here+

Yesterday I shared the bedroom that our oldest three kids share.
Our little home has two bedrooms.  
The bigger one is the one that the big kids share.
Thus leaving the smaller one for Travis, Eloise and me!
Eloise is seriously the best sleeping baby I have ever had.
I lay her down at 7 and she sleeps through the night until 7 the next morning.
High-five Eloise!
I’m sure at some point we’ll move her into the bedroom with the other three.
But at this point I like having her in the same room as me!
Our room has a tiny closet which I have turned into a desk/office space.
I’ll be sharing more on that later in the week.
There is just enough room for our beds and a small bedside stand.
I maximize storage by using long rubbermaid bins underneath the crib and our bed.
And quite honestly when we downsized I got rid of the majority of what we owned.
I was tired of keeping up with the clutter and extra stuff.
If we hadn’t used it in the past couple of months it was gone.
I will be doing a tutorial on our headboard for those of you who have asked!
Super easy!
And I will also be doing a tutorial on the mobile above Eloise’s crib.
If you have any questions just leave them in the comments and I will address them all on Friday!

+The rug is from Ikea+
+Eloise’s sheet is from Candy Kirby Designs+
+Our comforter is from Target and the pillowcases my great grandmother made+

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  1. I am wondering if you might be willing to share your closet and the things you do to stay organized in that area? 🙂 Thanks for sharing all your lovely ideas.

  2. I love, love, love the gray you've painted your walls with. Do you remember the name? I've been searching for the perfect gray to use in our house & this could be it! 🙂

  3. I love the coziness of your rooms! I would love to see how you decorate on a budget like in your living room and kitchen… places where you have high traffic both or your family and guests. My husband and I have a very small home as well, 1,200 sq.ft. We LOVE it and I wouldn't have it any other way. Also, do you have any suggestions about couches and coverings? With messes and spills I am running out of options! Slipcover ideas would be great.



  4. Love it! The soft colors just make it feel peaceful. Question, where did you find the side table? It looks smallish, and I've been looking for a small table for our room..

  5. I love your style and the grey on the walls is perfect. Refreshing and warm all in one 🙂
    Your baby is the cutest part though!

  6. How do you do it – stay 'grounded'. Fight the 'keeping up with the Jones' way? We try so hard and do so good most of the time but then there is a bad day. How do you know you can afford a bigger house, car, etc but still not want that? That's the hardest part for me – my husband has no problems. And I don't want the newest Ipad or expensive jeans I want the addition on our house, that extra bathroom, bigger closet. Ugh – how do you fight those feelings and just be content and always happy with the house you've made your home??

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