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If you’ve read the blog over the past few months you probably caught on that we will be homeschooling this upcoming year! 
Emma will be in Kindergarten and Colt in Preschool.
Just a few fun facts…
+I was homeschooled K-12. So I have a pretty good idea of how homeschooling works πŸ˜‰
+ I never thought I would homeschool myself.  I always thought I’d send my kids to public school.
+The Lord has a way of changing your heart…funny how that happens!  
+Do I plan to homeschool my kids K-12? We’re just going to take it a year at a time πŸ™‚
Over the summer I have asked my mom for curriculum ideas, 
talked to a few other homeschooling moms and researched.
I’ve pulled together what I think will be the best choice of curriculum for our family.
I thought I’d share what we’ll be using this year.
After we’ve used it for a couple months I’ll check back in and let you know what I think about it!
-For Handwriting-

-For Math-

-For Reading/Phonics-
This is more of an old fashioned curriculum.
I love it because the reading is old-fashioned stories of life on an Amish farm.
The books say it’s 1st grade work… but it’s really Kindergarten level.
Just so you don’t get confused if you were to order!
-For everything else-
Little Hearts for His Glory
I am most excited about this part of our school year!
Here’s a description of what Little Hearts for His Glory is…
Little Hearts for His Glory was written with the busy homeschool teacher in mind. It provides a way to do great activities without all of the usual planning and preparation required. Simple daily plans are divided into 9 boxes, which can be spaced throughout the day as time allows. Quick and easy activities require little or no preparation and use only materials you’re likely to have on hand.
The “Learning Through History” part of the program gives an overview of history from creation through present day. Bible stories are integrated with history stories. This allows students to see how the Bible fits into history and how we got to where we are today. 
It includes: Bible Memory Work, Devotional Topics, Science Discovery, Art Projects, Dramatic Play, Thinking Games, Rhymes, Gross Motor Skills and Music.
Does that not sound fun??!!!
And I really love how they have it all planned out for you.
You simply put include the lessons you will be doing for your Handwriting, Math and Phonics.
And that’s it!
That’s our curriculum for the year!
I’m planning on doing a four day school week.  
We’re going to take one day a week to go on field trips/exploring with other homeschool friends!
Some of you have asked what I plan on doing with 
the rest of the kids while I work with Emma on school.
Eloise is still a morning napper so we’ll do the majority of our school while she’s snoozing.
Colt will be doing most of the school work that Emma is doing.
And I will keep Cade entertained with books, play-do, coloring and toys.
He’s pretty easy to entertain!
We’re not going to start until after Labor Day.
I am not quite ready to say goodbye to summer just yet. πŸ™‚
So we’re going to soak in the pool and lazy mornings just a little bit longer!
If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments!

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  1. I was homeschooled for k-8th and then My junior year of high school. I thought I would put my kids in public school and actually had my son enrolled but something changed in my heart too. Also my husband was against homeschooling our kids but now is the biggest supporter. Started next week with my kids and super excite!

  2. Your children are much younger than my daughter is now, but closer to the age she was when we began homeschooling (we've been at it more than 7 years now!) I pulled her from public school in the middle of 1st grade. Have you considered letting your children do learning games online? I found that to be a great way to gently learn and review some of the basics. We liked Learning Games for Kids. Since you already seem to have great curriculum choices, you might just use educational games once or twice a week, so that playing the games was always fresh and exciting and didn't seem like 'work'. I hope you have a wonderful homeschool year!

  3. Yeah! I love your choices! Your sweet mom has always been such an encouragement to me in my homeschool journey! When willy and Kinsey were smaller I made them busy boxes to keep them occupied while I schooled the older two. I made one for every day of the week and included coloring, crafts, puzzles, stickers, lacing cards, or anything fun to keep them busy. I liked to change the boxes so the activities for them were new and fun. I know you will have an awesome year! Love you!

  4. Super fun! I have always loved the looks of Heart of Dakota!

    I would love to hear why you didn't ever think you would of homeschooled your kiddos and why you choose to do so!

    Hope you have a great year!

  5. I have been considering ordering handwriting without tears for my littlest one too! I hope you contuine to share your journey of homeschooling! You have the sweetest little family!

  6. You will LOVE Horizons! We used Horizons Pre-K curriculum and for Kinder we used their math but this year we are using all of horizons curriculum for 1st grade! πŸ™‚

  7. I can't wait to follow along! We are starting school after Labor Day as well, and this is our first year. Like you I was homeschooled so I'm excited to do the same with my kids!

  8. We never started school until after Labor Day either and I fully intend to do the same! We won't be starting homeschool preschool until next year but I already love looking over all of my curriculum options!

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