Living Small- Rearranging

I am a lover of rearranging furniture.
I always have been.
It drives Travis a little crazy since he is a creature of habit.
It is not uncommon for him to come home from work and one of the rooms be switched around.
I have found that when you live small it is a necessity to be creative with furniture placement.
I love moving pieces from room to room.
And I also love getting rid of furniture to make more space.
Over the past month I’ve moved a few things around.
I thought today I’d show you the kid’s room.
And then tomorrow I’ll move on to the living room.
And then perhaps our room.
You can see what their room looked like before here.
In a nutshell I…
+moved the bed to the other side of the room
+swapped out their matching quilts for patchwork ones I had on hand
+swapped out their black and white Ikea rug for the yellow and tan
Ikea rug that had previously been in our bedroom
+put up a Christmas tree *gasp*
Are you a creature of habit?
Or a re-arranger like me?:)

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  1. I love rearranging! It means you get to throw stuff away you don't use anymore! there is something so great about getting rid of extra fluff in your life! Love the colors in the kids room 🙂

  2. I rearranged 3 of our rooms last week. =) My kiddos have bunk beds, and I like them up against the wall because it gives more space, but I find making their beds, when I wash the sheets or just for them daily is more difficult. How do you combat that? I would love to push their beds back against the wall.

  3. I love rearranging, for SURE. And yes, it's so great to get rid of things to make more space. It totally makes my stay-at-home mama heart happy to see NEW spaces, even if they're old, just different after seeing the same day in and day out.

  4. its just so simple and cozy and sweet. I love it. I know it's probably a challenge to have little space and a house full of children but you do it so well. I LOVE the coziness. And I love all the color! You do a fabulous job creating a cozy home!

  5. i rearrange all the time:0) love your contentment and simplicity…it is so refreshing! love this room and love the CHRISTmas tree already!!

  6. So so cute.
    I love how your little babies are just minding their own business and playing with their toys.

    It means they're comfortable!


  7. I am a creature of habit. I don't rearrange, although I should..I think the furniture in our whole house has been exactly the same in the 4 years we've lived here. Good thing we are moving soon.

  8. I love your living small series! It's very inspiring. We are currently at a season in our life as well where we are just overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that we have. I'd love to know if & how you downsized your children's wardrobe. We have 3 girls and are overflowing with clothes, but I am having a hard time picking & choosing how much to keep.

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