A Fun Gender Reveal….

Large Family

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Alyson Drost
Bethany Sadoian
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I always love a surprise gender reveal!!!
SO- we are going to have a little party right here on the blog to announce the gender of baby #8!

In the comments below….
Guess whether our new babe is a BOY or a GIRL!
I will be drawing two names from the correct guesses to each win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!
I’ll be announcing the winners on Friday!

When is the big announcement?!

FRIDAY! You have until the big announcement to make your guess!
Check back throughout the day to see if the announcement is live as a blog post! 
It can be posted at any time- don’t forget to look throughout the day!
Once you find out the gender, you can click back to this page to see if your name was drawn as a winner!

THANK YOU for sharing in the excitement of this little one! We are truly so grateful for this little life.
See you back here tomorrow with the announcement!

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  1. Boy 💙 ….. We had 7 boys in a row and then got a girl 💕 Such a blessing no matter what y’all have but I’m just guessing boy 🥰

  2. Girl to add to the girls room 🎀 but a little boy would be precious too!! I have so much trouble picking genders because I love both so much!!! 💗👶🏼💙

  3. Girl 🎀🎉. A little bestie for your niece! And another to help Emma & Eloise even the teams out! 💕

  4. Im gonna guess a boy! Whatever it is though, boy or girl, they are blessed to be a part of your sweet family!

  5. I’m thinking a BOY! Praying the rest of your pregnancy goes amazing! Children are such a blessing! So happy for you to add to your blessings!

    1. I’m guessing a girl! Either way your family is beautiful and this new addition will be just as beautiful! Praying for many blessings for you and your family!

  6. Ooh we need a recent belly pic to see how you’re carrying 😉
    I think GIRL 👧🏼

    Would be fun to do a little old wives tales Q&A! Like say heartbeat is 160 which indicates girl, or I crave salty foods which indicate boy in the Old wives tale ☺️ I always thought it was fun to compare reality with the “predictions” 🙂
    Congrats!! 8️⃣❤️

  7. My guess is GIRL!!! So excited for your family…so much admiration for you and I have adored following you and your journey over the years. Congrats!

  8. Hoping it’s a girl baby! Awaiting your gender reveal… Congratulations on your pregnancy and God’s blessings for the baby…

  9. Girl!! I grew up with 7 other siblings and we were split 5:3 in favor of girls. Congratulations on your new sweet baby!

  10. I am going to say BOY, but am hoping it is a girl to help even out the numbers! 😉 So excited for you guys!! Miss you friend!

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