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Christmas Bedding Favorites

A round up of my favorite Christmas bedding! Some splurges that will be heirloom pieces, but also some copy cat deals!

Cozying up my home for the holidays will always be one of my favorite things. I am typically decorating our home for Christmas towards the end of October.

This year we are moving the week of Thanksgiving, which means no early decorating this year. The day that we move into the house I’ll be making everyone’s beds with Christmas bedding and popping up a little Christmas tree in each room!

Red Plaid Pillow/ Green Plaid Pillow/ Red Plaid Pillow/
Red Quilt/ Red Duvet Cover/ Plaid Comforter
  1. Plaid Duvet Cover: the colors of this duvet cover are absolutely perfect! The little three boys will all share a bedroom and I’ll have a red duvet cover on 3 little beds in a row.
  2. Soft Plaid Blanket: this is a cozy blanket that can be used as a comforter or a throw blanket. The big boys will be using these as a comforter. I loved the ties on it.
  3. Plaid Throw: this throw is a fantastic price and would make a great bedspread as well.
  4. Red and White Quilt: the girls will each have one of these special quilts on their bed. I love that these quilts look like they were made many years ago!
  5. Snowflake Comforter: another great budget friendly option.
  6. Red and White Comforter: this looks like a great option for on a budget as well.
  7. Reindeer Flannel Sheets: the big boys will be having these soft sheets.
  8. Candy Cane Flannel Sheets: the little 3 boys will have these on their bed. They’re super soft!
  9. Red and White Striped Bedding: this was a beautiful set that could be used year round.
  10. Red Plaid Pillow: I love adding pops of color around the house with throw pillows. This was a darling pattern.
  11. Green Plaid Throw Pillow: another budget friendly option
  12. Red Plaid Throw Pillow: the same version as the Green Plaid, but in red.

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