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The Big Move

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to quite wrap my head around the fact that our family is moving to a dream home on a dream property. The Lord has been generous and kind to our family and I am forever grateful.

We have officially sold our little 4 acre farm outside of Dallas and have closed on a new property. I thought I would just answer a few Q+A’s we’ve received as well as show a few pictures of where we’re heading.

Q. Can we see the house?
A. Here it is below. Truly a dream come true. I’ve always wanted a white farmhouse and this precious place is beyond what I could have dreamt up.

Q. How far away are you moving?
A. We currently live outside of Dallas (takes us 45 minutes to get into the city). We are moving a couple hours west to the other side of Ft. Worth. We have lived within a one hour radius since we were newlyweds. This will be a completely different area for us with a new city.

Q. Why are you moving there?
A. My man has been commuting long hours for work and this new area will be a much shorter commute. We are grateful. We also have been praying about finding a smaller community to plug into and raise our crew. The town we are moving too is a tight knit community that is very family centered. We are excited to get plugged in!

Q. Will the big kids still go to their school?
A. They will not. It’s too far of a drive. They’ll get plugged into school where we are heading.

Q. What is your favorite part of the new house?
A. Oh my goodness… so much of it. The upstairs has this tiny landing that looks out over the property and barn. It’s dreamy. Emma and I can’t wait to curl up with a good book up there on a snowy day!
A few of my other favorites… the kitchen, the master bathroom and the tiny little room off the master that will serve as little Evey June’s bedroom.

Q. Is the house move in ready?
A. It is. It’s a newer home and everything is just so lovely. We have always lived in homes that are fixer uppers. This feels like such an incredible gift.

Q. Is the property bigger than your last?
A. Yes it is… quite a bit more agreage than what we are moving from.

Q. Are all the animals going with you?
A. They sure are! It’ll be a bit like Noah’s Ark moving everything, the animals and the kids 🙂

Q. Will you do a garden at this new house?
A. 100%! I’m excited to get there to plan out my spot!

Q. Will you be taking your chicken coop with you?
A. No :(. The buyers of our home here loved it, so we are letting them keep it. A new coop is one of the first things we’ll look for once we are settled.

Q. How did you find the home?
A. It truly was the Lord. We have friends that live in this town. Some of their friends were about to list the home and we found out about it through them. The minute we saw it we knew it was the one!

Q. Is it your forever home?
A. Lord willing… YES! This is the home we hope to grow old in and have our grandbabies come and visit in.

Q. Do you have a recommendation for realtor or lender in the DFW area?
YES YES YES! We highly recommend both of these women. They were incredible to work with and were our #1 champions in getting everything lined up.
Realtor- Vanessa Warren
Lender- Jenny Jones

Q. How were you able to sell your house and close so quickly?
A. Truly the ladies above! Vanessa and Jenny were the MVPs of getting everything to closing so quickly!

Q. Did you find that interest rates were terribly high?
A. They’re definitely higher than they’ve been. But we went into it with the mindset that we can refinance once they drop back down. I think the saying goes… “Marry the mortgage, date the rate”.

I’ll update with more questions in the next few days! Make sure to follow on Instagram for more pictures and updates as we move.

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