Our home school journey began in the late 1980’s. I realize that our home school journey started several generations before my own children were even born.

Schooling that had a love for God and his Word at its very core, not something just added as an afterthought.

We believed that it was important for me to stay home and care for them and we were willing to make the choices and sacrifices necessary.

It was helpful to think it through and by writing it down we had a commitment we could refer back to on the hard days (or years).

There was so much freedom for us once I learned that mastery was our goal, not just moving through the books at the pace the curriculum set.

Every year was different. I learned to relax with our curriculum but yet felt we  needed some structure to keep everyone moving ahead.

We are blessed beyond what we ever would have dreamed. Through it all I have learned several lessons I want to share with younger moms.

Respect for authority, diligence, patience, and looking out for the other guy are things that won’t be taught in most curriculums.  This is the learning that comes from just living everyday together.


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