At the beginning of the summer we stumbled upon a darling little lake house for sale in a community that we love.

Houses in our area have been going incredibly fast, so we scheduled to see it the next day. We loved everything about it and put in an offer that night.

Our first home that we bought as newly weds was the exact same size as this little lake home. Just a little over 1,000 square feet. The Lord’s goodness with this gift is not lost on us.  We see His faithfulness every summer night we are here!

A Little Story

These years where all of our kids are under one roof are fleeting and we want to soak up every minute of them all together.

Why did you buy a lake home?

It’s a 1,000 sq. ft home that has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It’s the perfect size for a weekend get away!  We only have a few summers left with our big kids!  Soaking it all up!

How big is the house?

We don’t have a tv at the lake house and hardly any cell reception, which means we spend our time almost 100% technology free.

What do you do while you’re there?


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