If you have a backyard flock and are wondering how long it takes for your younger hens to start laying their first egg, then this post is for you!

This post outlines everything from the average age of the chicken, ways to encourage egg laying, as well as some of the tell-tale signs that come when a chicken first lays an egg.

The average age that a young female chicken starts to lay an egg is around 6 months of age (or around 24 weeks of age).

What age do chickens start to lay eggs?

It takes a chickens body roughly around 24 hours to produce. And then another 20-30 minutes for them to lay it.

How long does it take for a chicken to lay an egg?

If you are interested in raising chickens for eggs, it’s important that you understand the research different breeds of chickens.

Egg Laying and Chicken Breeds

If your chicken starts to wander in and out of the nesting boxes, this is always a great sign that an egg is near!


As the time gets closer for her to lay an egg, you’ll notice that the wattle and comb begin to enlarge and redden.

Enlarged and Reddened Combs and Wattles

If you find that your chickens start to drop into a submissive squat when you pass by, this is a great sign that egg laying is near!



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