An entire guide devoted to all things chicken coop, chicken house and chicken care related. Find inspiring chicken coop ideas and also learn proper chicken care all in one place.

We live in a time where being self-sufficient and self sustainable is a bit more on everyone’s radars. If you are wanting to start the journey of becoming more self-sufficient, I would suggest getting a chicken coop and chickens!

It’s an easy way to jump into your homesteading journey and can bring a lot of joy (and delicious eggs) to your family.

We have had chickens for over four years now.  When we moved to our little farm we immediately purchased chicks.

Chicken coop with a smaller run below and a garden box to the side. A cute option if you’re tight on space! – Chicken coop with a larger run. I loved the look of this one if you’re needing to keep your chickens up the majority of the time.

Where do you find chicken coops for sale?

A typical rule of thumb is to give each chicken a 3 square foot of interior space if they’re going to be in the coop 24/7.

How big of a chicken coop do I need?

Nesting boxes are the cozy area where your chickens will be able to go to lay their eggs. A nesting box is important to have, otherwise your chickens will end up finding other random place to lay their eggs.

What are the nesting boxes for?

Chickens will typically start laying eggs between 18-24 weeks. In my experience the 6 month mark is when they all begin laying eggs.

When does a chicken begin laying eggs

For my younger chickens that haven’t started laying eggs yet, we give them grower pellets (or chicken scratch) that you can find at any feed store. For my laying birds, we switch them over to a laying pellet which has a higher amount of protein and additional calcium.

What do chickens eat

We have purchased some of our chicks from a website called My Pet Chicken.  They mail the chicks right to your house and it’s a fun experience for the kids!

Where can you purchase chicks from?


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