I tend to be a traditional homeschooling style (we use curriculum) with a bit of a Charlotte Mason/unit study approach on the side.  I love how kindergarten can be more or less what you want!  Here are things I have learned!

My goal with this post is to help simplify the process of getting set up to teach your child kindergarten. Keep it simple and don’t over think it because it is so much fun--don't put so much pressure on yourself!

Kindergarteners are such a sweet age where learning can be done in so many fun ways. Keep it simple, cheap, and fun!

On a typical homeschool day I’ll make sure that we have covered some sort of math, phonics, reading and writing. Those four things can be achieved in a variety of ways and is really all you need at this age!  And you can get it all done in the morning!

I love trying new things and adapting for each child’s learning style. Remember what worked for one kid may not be best for another--beauty of homeschooling!

Find something that interests your children, then take advantage of your local library to find coordinating books to add to the learning experience--make learning something they are excited about!


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