We live in a time where being self-sufficient and self sustainable is a bit more on everyone’s radars and the price of eggs has gone up, making us wonder if we could do it better!

If you are wanting to start the journey of becoming more self-sufficient, I would suggest getting a chicken coop and chickens, so you can provide your family with eggs whenever you need them!

When it comes to getting started with chickens, you’ll want to figure out where your chickens will live.

Even if you are planning on having your chickens free range, you’ll want a safe home for them to roost in each night to keep safe from night animals.

If you are planning on having just a handful of chickens, you can find some pretty cute smaller coops for a relatively low price at your local hardware stores.

How many chickens are you planning on having?

Mobile coops allow you to keep your chickens put up, but also gives you the benefits of free range chickens, plus can be budget friendly!

Are you wanting a mobile coop?

If so- there are amazing chicken coop plans all over the internet, and you'll be able to use your budget and own creativity for the process!

Are you handy and have the capability of building something?

Maybe an old barn or old play house.  We converted our old play house into our first chicken coop!

Do you have access to an area that you could convert into a chicken coop?


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