My list of must-have baby items is pretty small. The top of that coveted list, my Solly Baby Wrap.  

One of the top reasons I love it so much, is that I truly can be hands free while wearing the baby.  His little body or head aren’t wobbling all over the place. Frees me to do so much!

He stays secure against my chest while I go about my tasks.  Laundry changing, dish washing, helping with school assignments, sweeping… you name it and he is along for a secure ride!  Plus he LOVES it!

I also love that the Solly Baby didn’t hurt my back after wearing the baby for awhile. The weight of the little one is disbursed evenly and the straps over my shoulders help tremendously.

I also REALLY love that they are lightweight so they can easily be worn in warmer weather. I love that the wraps are light enough that we won’t sweat to death wearing it because that baby is already a little oven!

If you struggle with postpartum depression, wrap your baby onto you.  There is something so soothing and beautiful about having them close.  Now how do you use it?


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