One of the questions I receive the most is, “how do you homeschool with little ones around?”.

I have learned that when you are homeschooling with little ones around, you learn to hold a true schedule VERY loosely.  You learn to pivot and adjust to each new day.

One of my favorite things about schooling with little ones is that it teaches your older kids (and yourself) that the world does not revolve around them.

Your older kids will learn patience. They will learn compassion. They will learn how to be somewhat self-sufficient with lessons.

Homeschooling is HARD. Parenting is HARD. Christ didn’t create us to do it on our own. He will give you exactly what you need for your day. He is faithful!

One of my biggest tips for toddlers is to have a stash of toys that you JUST pull out for school time.

This will keep the their entertainment a bit longer than if they had been sitting out the whole time.


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