It’s real circumstances that have happened in our home that have given us a bit more wisdom and thought behind keeping a stocked pantry and extra supplies around.  Plus extra is always nice to have on hand.

I normally keep a second pantry with overflow items, but not enough that we would have enough food to last for an extended period of time.  I always try to work getting extras into our budget each week, so keep things stocked.

We have a large family and those kind of rations wouldn’t ever be enough if we were in a bind.  After the global pandemic, we realized we needed to keep our pantries stocked.

When you are responsible for children and animals, you don’t have the luxury of not preparing.  Better to be prepared than to be wishing you had extra food on hand in case of an emergency. So thankful to be able to store extra food for these times.

Think through a cool and dark place where you could store your extra items. For example: – Under beds – In the back of closets – At the top of a closet – In the corder of a room


5 Gallon Food Grade Buckets: these are excellent for storing your wheat berries, rice and dried beans in. – Pantry Containers: I love using these in my pantry to keep everything sealed up.


One of the things I want to encourage is that you purchase items that your family will end up using.  Don’t go out and buy cans of food that you’ll never end up eating. Think of the things that are in your regular list and budget.


Rotate your supply: every few months go through your items and make sure everything is still up to date and good.


Realistically, I like to have 2-3 months of food on hand at all times. So be thinking each grocery trip what you can add in to keep your pantry prepared.

How long do you want to prepare for?

It does take extra money to get your stockpile of items built up.  You can either do it all at once or you can add a little bit here and there over time as your budget allows.

How much money do you want to invest?

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