There is no right or wrong way to teach a preschooler! This age is my favorite to begin learning because they soak up anything you present to them like tiny little sponges.

Each pre-k child is so different when it comes to what they’re ready to learn. You know your child best!  Don't be intimidated!

If you have a child who is hungry to learn at this age, jump in and have fun with them, but don't stress if they aren't ready!

Every preschool student is different. Which means they can all be learning things at completely different times. Don’t worry if your young child doesn’t know their letters, shapes or colors.

A few of our favorite pictures books that make for a fun story time! - If You Give A Cat A Cupcake - If You Give A Mouse A Cookie - If You Give A Pig A Pancake

All the Reading!

Simply letting your child play is a very important part of their childhood and early learning development. They learn so much through the simple act of playing.

All the Playing!


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