Are you wondering how to do preschool at home? You will find a comprehensive list of my favorite preschool resources, tips and thoughts on how to homeschool your preschool student. I’ll share what I have used in years past.

I have a little secret for you… there is no right or wrong way to teach a preschooler! This age is my favorite to begin learning because they soak up anything you present to them like tiny little sponges.

Each pre-k child is so different when it comes to what they’re ready to learn. As a mom to 7, this will be my fifth year working with a pre-K aged child. Some of my children haven’t had any interest in wanting to learn along with their older siblings, and others have been itching to have their own “school work”.

You know your child best! If your child shows zero interest in wanting to learn, that is more than okay! And if you have a child who is hungry to learn at this age, jump in and have fun with them!

The beauty of working on preschool activities at home is that you can focus on what interests them the most! Preschool is essentially focusing on skills that will lay the groundwork for their future education.

What do you focus on with a preschooler?

Reading out loud to your child helps them to expand their vocabulary, develop strong literacy skills, grow their imagination and can be such a special time spent with YOU!

All the Reading!

The best part about being a mama to a preschooler is that we get the privilege of setting them up with all sorts of fun play environments. Giving your child the freedom to play and be a child is one of the best gifts you can give them.

All the Playing!

The Alphabet Workbook will help your child to identify each letter of the alphabet, practice each letter’s sound and also write each letter!

Educational Workbooks and Printables


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