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Fall Farmhouse Decor

Simple farmhouse decor that features real pumpkin decor, repurposed items from your home and cozy textiles.

When it comes to decorating for the fall season, I love doing simple fall farmhouse decor using items that I already have on hand and also real pumpkins.

I have found that my decorating style over the years has simplified and I love using what I already have on hand. The key to this is collecting home and decor items that can easily be used to decorate for a new season.

I thought I would share a few of my favorite ways to add cozy farmhouse fall decor into your home.

Adding Cozy Textiles

Our family loves cozy pillows and blankets. I have found the easiest way to add new seasonal touches to our home is with a few accent pillows and coordinating blankets.

Each season I’ll try to add a new pillow or two to my seasonal collection. I have a spot in the back of the closet where I keep our seasonal pillows and blankets.

Another cost effective way is to simply switch out pillow covers. If storage space is an issue, this is an excellent route.

I love using a lot of neutral colors as a back ground for all of my decorating (white walls, gray couch, white fireplace) and then adding pops of color through my decor.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite fall pillows below.

Incorporate fall garlands and pops of greenery

I’m a big fan of adding in pops of greenery to decor. I think that it can provide such a cozy element to any decor.

I’ll typically reuse the same garland and small fake plants each year. I’ve added a few ideas below if you’re wanting to start adding to your seasonal decor.

Fall inspired garlands

  • Magnolia leaf garland: I think magnolia leaves are such a fun way to add simple fall decor to your home. They don’t scream Christmas, but do add in a little extra coziness to any look. I’ve added a magnolia leaf garland to my fireplace mantel directly under my fall pumpkins.
  • Eucalyptus garland: Adding in eucalyptus to your decor is also another great option for fall. I also love adding my eucalyptus garlands to my evergreen garlands when it’s time to switch over to Christmas. It’s a fantastic investment if you’re in the market for seasonal garlands!

Fall inspired greenery

Adding in a few small fake plants (or real if you want to keep them alive!) is also a great way to add a little contrast again the typical fall pumpkin decor.

I love balancing out all of my pumpkins with a few pops of green here and there. Below are a few little artificial plants that can easily be used for most seasons.

Adding in pumpkin decor

I know a lot of people love using artificial pumpkins to decorate. This is an excellent cost effective way to decorate because you can use them year after year.

I personally love using real pumpkins, just because I don’t have the extra space to store as many pumpkins as I like to decorate with.

Creating little vignette areas with pumpkins is my favorite way to bring that cozy fall feeling into your home. I have real pumpkins propped all throughout my home.

At the end of the fall season we’ll bring all of our pumpkins out to our back pasture where our pigs, goats and chickens will have a fall feast! Did you know that pumpkins are a natural dewormer for livestock?!

We’ll also use a few of the bigger pumpkins for our own roasted pumpkin seeds and a pumpkin pie!

Faux fall pumpkins

If you love using faux fall pumpkins in your decor, I’ve rounded up a few that caught my eye!

  • Green cinderella pumpkins: I am a big fan of all things green! These little gold stemmed green cinderella pumpkins would be perfect to place around your home.
  • White pumpkins: I thought these faux pumpkins looked so realistic! They would be an excellent addition to a faux pumpkin collection.
  • Velvet pumpkins: these would be beautiful next to a little vignette of vintage books.

Shop your home

Shopping the items you already have in your home is the best place to start. I love looking through what I already have and thinking of new places to display those items. Here are a few items I love moving around:

  • Repurposing kitchen items: look through the items you have in your kitchen. Is there a glass bowl or an item that could store seasonal items? An example would be placing my pumpkin in a vintage strainer that I found at a flea market last year.
  • Using textiles you already have: I love collecting old quilts. I’ll try to add in pops of quilts that have similar colors to the current season.
  • Move things around: don’t be afraid to move decor items around. Just because you’ve always had a picture set in a certain place doesn’t mean you can’t move it somewhere else.

I hope those little tips are helpful as you decorate your home on a budget! I love being able to add pieces of the season in our home… it feels like such a simple way to show my family I love them!

I also love to bake fall treats, light our favorite fall candles and fit in as many bonfires as we can to make the fall season feel special.

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