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Stocking Stuffers for the Family

A complete Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide for the whole family. Stocking fillers, stocking stuffer ideas for kids, teens, women and men.

If you are looking for Stocking Stuffer ideas for your family, I’ve got you covered! Over the next few days I’ll be updating this post with stocking stuffer ideas for kids, stocking stuffer ideas for teens, stocking filler ideas for women and stocking stuffer ideas for men.

Growing up, stockings were the main Christmas morning event in our home. My mom always did such a creative job filling our stockings with little toys, trinkets and candy we normally wouldn’t get.

She individually wrapped each gift in wrapping paper and we would take our time early Christmas morning unwrapping each gift.

Now that I’m a mama of 7, we have carried on this same tradition in our home. The kids wake up first thing, my husband and I will bring our coffee to the living room and then we’ll watch the kids open up their stockings.

My mom and Grandma also started the tradition of handmade stockings. We have carried that tradition into our own home. You can read about our stockings here.

Each stocking takes around 40ish hours to make. They’re a labor of love and so special! The kits that we use are here.

I love decorating our mantle for the holidays with lots of greenery and homemade garlands. You can see everything that I use in this post.

Stocking Stuffers for Kids

I’ve compiled a variety of stocking stuffers that would be perfect for most children. A few of these I have gifted in years past and a few of the items my kids will be receiving in their stockings this year.

My goal is to always give stocking stuffers that will be treats that we normally otherwise wouldn’t splurge on. Crafts, toys and candy that they aren’t typically getting during the year.

I also love stocking stuffers that will entertain the kids for awhile! Lots of crafts, small games, imaginative toys and more!

  • Watercolor Paint Set: This is the perfect sized watercolor paint set to slip into a stocking.
  • Crayon Rocks: These crayon rocks are like a little treasure for them to discover as well as play with throughout the day.
  • Twig Colored Pencils: I gifted these twig colored pencils last year and my kids loved them!
  • Mini Sketch Pads: To go along with the water colors, crayon rocks and twig colored pencils- I also added Mini Sketch Pads to their stockings. These are the perfect size to slip right into a stocking.
  • Paper Airplane Set: My big boys love making paper airplanes. They received these paper airplane sets in their stockings last year and it brought hours of fun.
  • Glow in the Dark Slime: If you’re feeling brave enough to bring slime into your house, then this was a whole set of glow in the dark slime. I will give each kids 2 things of slime to play with.
  • Water Arcade: We don’t do a ton of technology in our home (minus tv), so these water arcades are the perfect solution! I think my kids are going to love them!
  • Mini Binoculars: If you have a kiddo who loves being outdoors, these mini binoculars would be a fun addition. I bought them a few months ago as a gift and the quality is excellent!
  • Farting Pen: As a mother of 5 boys, it’s inevitable that potty talk and noises be kept at bay. And quite honestly… it all makes me laugh too. My big boys are going to get a kick out of this farting pen that will be in their stockings this year. Life is too short not to laugh 🙂
  • Swiss Army Knife: My big boys will also be excited to each find a little swiss army knife in their stocking!
  • LED Stocking Hat: With the days being shorter, my kids love playing outside after dark on the trampoline or in the yard. These LED stocking hats would be a fun gift!
  • Flying Hover Ball: These Flying Hover Balls were a hit 2 years ago in their stockings. This is a 3 pack if you have multiple children.
  • Water Coloring Book: if you have little ones who love to color but tend to color on everything BUT the paper, these water coloring books are a sweet stocking addition!
  • 7 Inch Dinosaur: my little boys are all obsessed with dinosaurs. I bought this pack to divide up between their stockings.
  • Playfoam Build a Snowman: if you live in an area where there isn’t as much snow (like Texas), these snowman would be fun to add to stockings!
  • LiquiPen: I bought 2 packs of these to divvy up between the big kids stockings.
  • Wooden Brain Teaser: I have a few kids who love doing little brain teasers and puzzles. This is the perfect size to slip into a stocking.
  • Dino Pull Back Car: These were a stocking stuffer from last year and my little boys (well, really ALL of my kids) loved them! You pull them back and can race them.
  • Gyro Wheel: I’m adding these Gyro Wheels to stockings this year. They come in a 3 pack for easy divvying up.
  • Harmonica: One of my kids got a harmonica in their stocking a few years ago and it was a big hit! Perfect for any child who loves playing instruments!

Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Teens can sometimes feel a little tricky to shop for. I’ve pulled together a few stocking stuffers that I think any teen would love!

I purchased a few things for my almost 14 year old daughter as well as a few items for my 12 1/2 year old son.

  • Photo Clip String Lights: my oldest daughter (almost 14) loves to hang pictures and lights up on her bedroom wall. I think she will love finding this in her stocking on Christmas morning!
  • Claw Clips: they’re in style right now and my teen daughter loves wearing them!
  • Cozy Slipper Socks: any teen girl would love to slip these on while she’s relaxing at home! An easy stocking stuffer to divide among a few girls!
  • Heatless Hair Curler: my teen has been using a similar version of this heatless hair curler for the past few weeks and LOVES it! You wrap your hair in it before going to bed and wake up with the perfect beach waves.
  • Popsocket Wallet: we have a phone that our teen is allowed to take with her on babysitting jobs as well as to youth group events. She will love being able to carry a little cash for vending machines inside the wallet portion of this popsocket!
  • Facial Cleansing Brush: my teen is going to love finding this in her stocking! She loves all things skincare and pampering.
  • Amazon Gift Card: what teen wouldn’t love being able to shop Amazon on Christmas Day?!
  • Apple Gift Card: another easy stocking stuffer idea!
  • Camo Multi-Tool: my boys love having some sort of pocket knife or tool in their pocket at all times. This would be an excellent gift for teen boys who love the outdoors.
  • Rechargable Hand Warmer: If you have teen boys who are hunters, they’ll love this rechargable hand warmer to take with them on chilly mornings!
  • Camo Wallet: the perfect stocking stuffer for any teen boy!
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker: if you have a teen who loves listening to music, this portable bluetooth speaker would be a great gift to tuck into a stocking!
  • Yeti Tumbler: any teen boy (or girl!) in your life would love this gift!
  • Bass Pro Gift Card: the ultimate boy stocking stuffer in our home. Every boy (young and old) in our home loves getting Bass Pro gift Cards!

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  1. We don’t do stockings but only because we don’t have any and I’m thinking about changing that this year. My children would love so many of these small fun gifts. Thank you for the suggestions!

  2. For stocking stuffers, I’ve been focusing on healthier treats, something to create, something to read and ways to learn/add to survival gear. I didn’t grow up with much thought being put into the stocking stuffers so it has been fun making new family traditions for my small family.

  3. I love putting together stockings for my kids. This year they will include card games, modeling clay, Indestructible books, finger puppet books, chapstick, a variety of Smart Sweets candy and beef jerky sticks.

  4. We love stockings!! Our kiddos open them last and usually at the same time. We fill them with their favorite candies, unique gifts, and maybe a gift card or two!! 🙂

  5. We love doing stockings!! We like to put them up when we bring out all the Christmas decorations and then celebrate St. Nicholas’ Day in the morning on Dec 6th! Usually that morning the kids will find an orange in the toe, then some chocolates/snacks, a small quality toy or game and usually always a book 😀

  6. Stockings are so much fun! We love to give the kids candy, toothbrushes, little gift cards, bath bombs/bath time fun treats, small art supplies, and travel games!

  7. We open stockings on Christmas Eve – so we always have Matching Christmas pjs, then we add in random odds and ends, like new toothbrushes, a Christmas chocolate covered marshmallow, trinket type things for the girls, silly putty…. Just for fun.

  8. We all have stockings, but what goes in them varies from year to year. Usually smaller practical things (chapstick, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, etc) and some candy. This year both boys are getting joke books and fart putty, which I know they’ll love but I may regret! 😂

  9. Your stockings are beautiful what a fun tradition! I like to mix practical and fun items in their stockings too! Toothbrush, fun character band-aids, nail polish, small LEGO sets, small American girl dolls or Chelsea Barbie dolls, fuzzy socks. It’s fun to come up with ideas for them! I love to hear other’s ideas!

  10. We love stockings too!! Just a fun way to start our morning! We always add in a new electric toothbrush and toothpaste for our 4 girls. SHOCKINGLY they love get new ones!

  11. We always do stockings and just fill with random small gifts. Their grandpa always gives them a roll of nickels! They think it is fun!

  12. We do stockings! It’s fun to find unique things to put in them. My girls always get gum and a new toothbrush ha! My husband always gets gummy worms. 🙂

  13. Love those rock colors! Our stockings always include gum and chocolate. I like finding small games or mind teasers that can travel easily. Playdoh usually finds it’s way in, too but they’re heavy!

  14. So many good ideas. We do stockings too. I wonder how many people only put things in stockings that fit IN the stocking, vs, also having a few things WITH the stocking. My husband and I grew up differently in this regard. We always do a book or two, candy, toothbrush, maybe fun socks or accessories, crayons, coloring books, play dough, gift cards, lotions etc…the stockings are my favorite part of Xmas morning gifts.

  15. We do stockings! We fill them with tic tacs, fun bandaids, toys, toothbrushes, markers, paints, things like that!

  16. We do stockings but my favorite tradition and memory of stockings was when my sister and I were young. My parents would let us wake up and run grab our stockings first thing to see what was in them! I remember Christmas mornings where we would be so giddy in our bed dumping our stockings and being so excited! Sweet memories!

  17. You have some fun ideas here! I love that you included ideas for teans as well. And my favorite was the LED sock hat?! Super cool!

  18. Stockings are huge in our family as well. We live out of state from most of our family. And everyone sends a small gift to our kids and we fill their stockings from all our family members. It’s such a sweet way to stay connected when we can’t all be together for the holidays.

  19. I love stockings!!! One of my favorite things about Christmas! Love to add candy and gift cards for my older kids. Lots of girlie stuff for my teen girl.

  20. I love stocking and have lots of fun wrapping each little gift and personalizing them with fun and surprising tiny things! This year I have metal Slinkys for my boys and Tonka micro machines for my littlest boy to look forward to. Fun new bookmarks are always an addition for my daughter who reads so much. My middle son will enjoy a tiny credit card sized Tetris game!

  21. Stockings are my favorite!! I love to fill with practical items – skincare, a fun lip gloss, socks, crayons, and art supplies. Plus I include a blood orange and a little chocolate! 🙂

  22. We do stockings- it is a tradition since I was a kid. I usually do a combination of fun things-special treats, nails or nail polish, lip gloss, lego mini figures- and also some things they need- cozy socks, charging cords, fun soaps (ha!). Often, the stockings are just as fun as the presents.

  23. We love doing stockings!! Always have since childhood and now carry on tradition with our own kids. We usually include basics like new toothbrush and toothpaste, soaps, etc along with a few fun items and of course Christmas candy!!

  24. We love stockings in our house! This was a great read and so helpful to spark some new idea for stockings this year!!!! Thank you.

  25. Stocking are for stocking everyone up on new socks and underwear for the year 😆 this year I’m trying to be very intentional and thoughtful with the them instead of grabbing a bunch of nonsense from the dollar spot 🥴

  26. We do stockings. Love them and I think they’re everyone’s favorite thing to open honestly. I always buy the same stuff – soaps, lotions, candies, and mittens for playing in the snow. Then, I try to find some fun trinkets – face masks, hunting related items, or gift cards to use for when my kids ski.

  27. I grew up with Christmas stockings, my mom sewed each of ours and now that I have a little one, she sewed one for him as well! I’m from a family of 10 kids and my mom always did an amazing job with filling alll those stockings! We all looked forward to them every year. It’s a tradition I am having so much fun passing along and doing with my family now. <3

  28. Stockings are so much fun! ♥️ I tend to switch it up a little each year, but try to include a combination of practical and fun. I hope to form some traditions though as my boys grow! This year it’s matchbox cars, ranch gloves, wooden slingshots with felt balls, toothbrushes, mini sketchbooks, colored pencils, rock crayons, socks, candy canes etc

  29. We always hang stockings. Every year I say I’m not filling them, then find one thing that’s perfect for one kid and rush around trying to make it semi even at the last minute. It’s a joke around here.

  30. We definitely do stockings (ours are classic red velvet and personalized) and open those first. For my husband and I our entire present exchange fits within our stockings, so fun little things for one another or if there is something that does not quite fit, then a note of where to find it. For the kids I do fun things we normally do not buy like fruit snacks and goldfish crackers. They’ll each get a knitted hat from me in theirs this year, my son is getting colored duct tape as he loves to build, a small set of new calico critters from my daughter. Some years it is socks and toothbrushes or card games (Sleeping Queens is awesome). Just a random blend of items! At my MIL house she has hand knit a beautiful stocking design for each child and grandchild – they are so special!

  31. We love stockings! Growing up it was always a fun tradition. Our stocking usually had basics of a toothbrush, chapstick, underwear, etc and something fun! My boys are still really young but I’m looking forward to growing our stockings tradition! This year they will have some small fun toys, squishy saint dolls, and maybe socks!

  32. My girls love stockings. Tradition is always an orange and a chocolate covered marshmallow Santa along with the fun goodies.

  33. We love stockings!! We use the stockings that I grew up with, and they bring back so many sweet memories 🥰. Our tradition is we always put an orange in our stockings! My mom and dad always did that for us as her mom and dad did for them! I think it’s just so special.

  34. Stocking stuffers have always been my most favorite! From getting the little one’s super cute toothbrushes to getting my oldest a trinket she can keep for years, I just love the little surprises they can open up. I still have yet to get my husband and I our stockings though! Merry Christmas Ashley!

  35. Stockings are the favorite thing come Christmas morning! My childhood stocking was knit, homemade by my sweet grandma, a British war bride 🙂 She knit each of her kids and their families a stocking—20 in all!

  36. Stockings are our favorite around here! My mom needlepoint stitches them all and my kids love getting theirs out each year and hanging it. Some traditional stuffers we do is a new toothbrush and undies. Last year I went a different route and I had no idea all the kids would be disappointed in no undies or a toothbrush. I won’t disappoint this year! Haha

    1. My favorite stocking stuffer for my kids is the little chocolate gold coins !!! My kids always are so excited to see them in their stockings !!

  37. We LOVE stockings! We typically do favorite candy bar, toothbrushes and toothpaste, silly putty, card games, little toy trucks, crayons, brain teasers, key chains, lip gloss/chapstick, nail polish, fun pens, jewelry, etc.! I love it so much!

  38. We LOVE stockings! It’s my favorite part of the morning. We always do new undies, socks, pjs and toothbrush. We also do fun candy since they don’t get candy any other time of the year!

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