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Teen Girl Book List

If you are the parent of a teenage girl and are trying to find wholesome literature, this teen girl book list is for you! You will find a list of 60 plus books for teenage girls that are wholesome and enjoyable reads.

As the mother of a teenage daughter who is a voracious reader, I know the struggle that can come when trying to find literature that isn’t garbage.

With the help of my teenage daughter we have compiled a list of 60 plus books (the list is much longer since we have recommended several series) that would be a great read for any pre-teen and teen girls. These books are also great for young adults and any young women who are looking for good books to read.

I love to encourage young readers in my home by providing lots of my favorite books for them to read. I have a list of books that are excellent for reading out loud to your children here.

A lot of the books on this list are classic reads that are excellent books to dive into before high school graduation. These are some of the best books that you can find for your teen readers to dive into.

If you have younger daughters, I would recommend looking into the American Girl series. They’re a fun read for any young girl that walks through different periods of American History.

How to Encourage Readers

If you have a reluctant readers, below are a few ways to encourage a love for a great book. It’s important to remember that not every child will be voracious readers.

Keep books everywhere

If you have books in various places throughout your home, the greater the chance a child will stop to pick one up. Set baskets throughout your home that have a variety of books for them to thumb through.

Make sure to set those baskets of books next to areas they will feel comfy curling up. Next to the couch, by the bed, next to a comfy cushion, etc.

Read aloud

Reading out loud to your children is a great way to make younger readers interested in books. You can find a list of our favorite read aloud books here.

Choose books that interest them

Not every child is interested in fairy tales. Maybe you have a child who is interested in a true story or learning how things work. Providing books that have each child’s interest in mind can be a powerful tool when it comes to encouraging a reader.

Teenage Girl Book List: more than 60 books!

Below you will find a list of 60 plus Books for Teenage Girls. You will find individual books as well as many book series that a teenage girl would enjoy.

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